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The RICS Property in Politics Report

The RICS Property in Politics Report

12th January 2015

The RICS has recently published a Property in Politics report which presented ideas from property professionals and political parties on how to build a vibrant property market in the UK.

The report contained 12 recommendations to the next government. These recommendations were drawn from the collective expertise of over 500 chartered surveyors and 273 professional property organisations from sole practitioners to large corporations. Some of the key points are summarised below:

Bigger than local, smaller than national: sticking the regions together

RICS members were clear on the need to support regional growth and the RICS is hoping that political parties will focus more on local growth and devolving spending powers and responsibilities for infrastructure and housing delivery on a regional level.


The Property in Politics report recommended the implementation of new development delivery units (DDUs) and housing zones; issue property tax forward guidance within the first 100 days; and deliver a professional private rented sector. (Read our article about the Private Rented Sector Code of Conduct here).

Planning and development

The report recommended the introduction of amberfield: a planning class between green and brown as well as Local Plan Enforcement and a revolution in the resourcing of planning departments.


A further point in the Property in Politics report concerned construction where it is recommended that a national procurement framework be created; a construction skills investment charter introduced and the implementation a single construction finance hub.


Another key area of the report was infrastructure. The report recommended a national infrastructure delivery and business plan which promotes ‘Olympic-style’ infrastructure delivery partnerships and the creation of an infrastructure commission.

Next steps

The RICS are now working with politicians, civil servants and national organisations to provide detail on how to implement each of their recommendations at local and national levels. Contact SP Residential if you have any questions or require any further information about buying / selling / renting a property.