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Key Questions to Ask when Buying a Property

Key Questions to Ask when Buying a Property

6th July 2015

Whether it’s your first home purchase or your tenth, our handy guide will ensure that you ask all the right questions so you go into a house sale fully informed. At SP Residential, we believe that buyers should be are armed with the correct facts so they can make informed and confident decisions about the property they are purchasing.

We provide accurate details for all our properties and encourage buyers to ask as many questions as they wish. We also ensure that all properties for sale have an up-to-date EPC and would advise all clients to have a building survey carried out.

Diane Broomham, Residential Sales & Lettings Consultant at SP Residential, lists these as her top questions to ask when buying a property:

1. What is the position of the sellers?

It is vital to know if the sellers are serious about moving or simply testing the market. It is also good to know whether the sellers have already found somewhere to move to and to get a better idea of the chain that may be involved. This information can help you plan the timings of your move.

2. What's included in the sale?

Ensure that you receive an inventory which sets out the intentions of the sellers regarding the fixtures and fittings of the property. This can include carpets, curtain poles, garden buildings such as sheds and gazebos, electrical appliances, etc.

3. What is the minimum a seller will accept and what offers have they had so far?

This information helps to ensure that your offer is in the right pricing range so it is more likely to be accepted.

4. Is the house listed and does it stand in a conservation area?

This is particularly relevant if you are planning major renovations or extensions of the property as planning permission may be more difficult to obtain for listed properties or those in a conservation area. It is also worth bearing in mind that, depending on the listed status of the property, even wanting to paint the outside of the property a particular colour in the future may require certain consents.

5. Which way does the house face?

If you like early morning and evening sun, then an east/west-facing house might be best, while a south-facing garden may appeal more to keen gardeners.

6. What's your legal right of way?

Check to see if the house has a shared driveway or any shared access and what the implications are. You should also check where the legal boundaries of the property lie.

7. What are the neighbours like?

Walk or drive past the property at different times of the day and on different days of the week to monitor what's going on in the area.