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ARLA: “You’d be barking not to let to pet owners”

ARLA: “You’d be barking not to let to pet owners”

21st August 2014

ARLA (the Association of Residential Letting Agents) has published a press release about the benefits and pitfalls of letting your property to pet owners. Despite being a nation of animal lovers, many pet owners in the UK still face challenges when seeking rental properties.

Information for Landlords:

President of ARLA, Susan Fitz-Gibbon, said: “Finding the right rental accommodation can take time, particularly if you have a pet. Some landlords associate pets with damage to their property and furnishings; however in most cases, pets are no trouble and can be a positive sign that the tenant is committed to making the property a home.

She continues to offer this advice to landlords: “Turning down tenants with pets may mean that landlords are losing out on good tenants and also losing out on longer term lets.” Research from America shows that tenants who own pets usually stay in rental properties for longer, at an average of 23 months compared to 15 months for those without pets.

Advice to Tenants with Pets:

Outreach Projects Manager at Dogs Trust, Clare Kivlehan offers this advice for pet owners looking for a rental property:

  1. Offer to pay a higher deposit: landlords are often concerned about damage to their property caused by pets. Offering to pay a higher deposit can give the landlord peace of mind that any damage will be covered. You could also offer to pay for professional cleaning on leaving the property to further demonstrate your commitment to maintaining the property.
  2. Pet information: Provide as much information as possible about your pet including references from previous landlords and neighbours. You could also include a letter from your vet to show that your pet is well behaved.
  3. Meet and greet: a brief meeting with you and your pet could be enough to change a landlord’s mind.

Contact SP Residential for More Information

Despite following the above advice, you will find that not all landlords will be open to renting their property to a pet owner. Keep an open mind and be flexible on both location and type of property you want to rent. Speak to the team at SP Residential to find out more about rental properties currently on the market and upcoming properties; we will be happy to help you find the ideal home for you…and your pet too! Call 01622 692206 or email enquiries@sp-residential.co.uk for more information.